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Shoulder problems are extremely common and we see a lot at Camberley Physiotherapy.  The shoulder is a complex joint actually comprising of 4 separate "joints".   Problems can be frequently linked to your age.  Younger or sporty people can often pinch tendons in the shoulder due to overuse or muscle imbalances that have an impact on the movement in the arm.  A sportsperson who uses the shoulder a lot can develop pain due to restrictions of joints further down "the chain" for example a stiff upper back or even hip.  Shoulder pain typically refers down the upper arm but rarely into the hand, localised pain in the top of the collar bone can often mean damage to the joint where the collar bone attaches to the shoulder blade.  Another problem that can affect the young is dislocation.  This really needs to be managed appropriately because shoulders coming "out" can cause joint laxity and recurrent dislocations.  Clicks or clunks in a sporty shoulder can mean a torn or damaged labrum- the tissue round the ring of the shoulder socket.

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